If you need an experienced litigator who can handle a variety of complex legal issues, contact Basic Legal Services. 

What We Do

Services cover a broad spectrum of legal proceedings in state and federal court; ranging from civil prosecution and defense, litigation, administrative actions: essentially any civil proceedings where a Client needs good representation. 


Why Choose Us?

Basic Legal Services has extensive experience with property cases at various judicial levels throughout California and in the Federal Courts and gives each matter careful attention and quality work product. 


Area of Law

Representative areas of law and issues that Basic Legal Services has handled include:


  • Property Law (Cargo, Things, Art, Money, Vehicles, Insurance, Parts and Quiet Title)

  • Contract Law (Breach, Enforcement, Set Aside, Collection, Insurance)

  • Inheritance Law (Will/Trust Contests, Interference Claims, "The Tail", Promissory Notes)

  • Business Law (Partnership/Dissolution, Derivative Suits, Investigations)

  • Torts (Conversion, Bailment, Malicious Prosecution, Fraud, Distress, Defamation, Slander of Title)

  • Maritime Law (Collision/Allision, Pilotage, Yachts, Salvage, Insurance, Marinas, Boats, Live Aboards)

  • Transportation (Cargo, Trucking, Airlines, Blue Water, Brown Water)

  • Insurance (Coverage, Contract, Bad Faith, Negotiation/Adjustment)

  • Homeowner Associations / HOAs

  • Judgments, Stays, Liens and Civil Harassment


Willing to work through complex problems to find just solutions.  Legal representation focused on cost effective problem solving.

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